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About Red Creek

Red Creek

Wildlife Center, Inc.

Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania

Each year, countless numbers of people pick up injured, sick and orphaned wildlife. Our philosophy is to aid these birds, mammals and reptiles and to assist their return to a natural life in the wild.Founded in 1991, Red Creek Wildlife Center has grown from a few robins and cottontails on the kitchen counter, to a full time state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitation and education center, taking in over 1,000 animals per year.

Hours: By appointment only.

Please call before dropping off an animal. 

(570) 739-4393

If you are unsure about an animal's need for help, or how to handle it:



Wildlife Capture and Transport

We do not have the manpower to pick up animals. Please make arrangements to transport the animal to our center. We will arrange for veterinary care, feed and care for the animal and provide any necessary medical treatment, at no cost to you. All we ask is that you get it to us. If this is impossible, call us to make other arraignments.
(570) 739-4393

Visitation Policy

Our intention is to keep wild animals "wild!" The less people these animals see the better. Over-exposure to people can lessen a wild animal's ultimate survival. For that reason, we never allow visitation.

If you wish to see some of our animals, consider sponsoring a live wildlife presentation. 
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Who pays for this?

There is NO state or federal funding for wildlife rehabilitation. 

Our only funding is from gifts generously donated by the public and the wildlife programs we present.


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