Becoming a Wildlife Rehabilitator in Pennsylvania Is it for you?

Have you ever thought about rehabilitating wildlife?

Do you wonder if it’s right for you?

Wildlife rehabilitators in Pennsylvania are badly needed but it’s not for everyone. Many newly permitted rehabilitators quit within a few years because of the cost, time and commitment involved.

To help you decide if wildlife rehabilitation is the right choice for you and help direct you in how to get involved, Red Creek Wildlife Center hosted an “Intro to Rehab” class — and you get to attend for free! The class was converted into 4 movies to be viewed at your convenience. In less than 2 hours you can get real insight and search your soul about this wonderful and challenging vocation.

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – Understanding Wildlife Rehabilitation

Part 2 emphasis the realities of wildlife rehabilitation and highlights many of the reasons people quit after becoming permitted. Part 2 will help you decide if wildlife rehabilitation is right for you.

Part 3 – Making Smart Choices

Part 3 covers the decision making process and how to make intelligent choices when getting started inn wildlife rehabilitation. Do you want to rehab all species of wildlife? or would rehabbing only songbirds fit better into your life. You have the power to choose and the choices you make in the beginning will help you from failing or becoming overwhelmed down the road.

Part 4 – Getting Started

Part 4 contains the application process, a short introduction to applying for 501c3 non-profit status as well as an introduction to the support positions available should you wish to volunteer but not become a wildlife rehabilitator yourself.

Handouts and more information

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