Building Project – A New Beginning 2023

Red Creek Building Project     2023

On December 5th, 2022, Red Creek’s clinic building was lost due to a fire caused by an electric power strip. The building and all its contents were a total loss and took the lives of 41 beloved animals.

Red Creek typically admits over 4,000 wild animals each year for rehabilitation. The loss of this valuable service to Pennsylvania wildlife would be unthinkable.

The public outreach that we received in the weeks following the fire was nothing short of remarkable. The monetary donations and the donations of supplies and services will enable us to carry on. It will be a journey. It will be a challenge, but we will continue, and we will rebuild.

Phase One-Temporary clinic to continue services

The demolition and cleanup of the original clinic began on  December 20th.

Upgrading of the electrical service at the building across the street. Once upgraded, that building can serve as a temporary clinic until the new building(s) are completed.

Gathering of needed supplies. After 30 years of rehabilitation wildlife, Red Creek had everything needed to treat just about any condition in every species of Pennsylvania wildlife. We are now back to square one.

Part of our recovery plan will be to identify and obtain the equipment necessary to effectively treat injuries and illness, and raise baby wildlife presented to us.

Phase Two – Replacement of the original clinic building

We will be replacing the original clinic with a new building on the same footprint.  This building will serve as an intake area for new wildlife patients and for much-needed storage while Phase Three takes place.

Phase three – Construction of a larger clinic

Replacing the clinic building that was lost still does not give Red Creek the needed room for caring for the number of animals we receive each year. Red Creek had long outgrown the facilities and has needed to expand for several years.

A site plan for expanded facilities was developed earlier this year and was conditionally approved by the township on December 13th. This plan was already progressing prior to the fire. Our intention is to continue with the timeline of that plan separately from our recovery Plan.

We will publish further details on this page as they develop.