Sandra and Julius Taglieri

If you enjoy reading Red Creek’s books and handouts, you can thank Sandra for making the read enjoyable. Sandra has taken on the arduous task of proofreading all of our books and most of our literature, turning Peggy’s informative ramblings into correct grammar.

When most volunteers prefer to work directly with the animals, Sandra has opted to work in the background. She regularly sends out thank you cards to donors and assembles and mails our yearly Christmas letter to supporters.

Sandra first became involved with Red Creek in 2004, following a televised news report featuring a bird rescue and release. Since her career didn’t give her time to volunteer, she became a regular supporter through Red Creek’s “Adopt a Raptor” program, and sponsored Cookie, the Barred owl, for many years. Once retired, she and her husband Julius became actively involved volunteering.

Sandra and Julius attend public table programs and fundraisers at events such as the Bear Creek Festival, Middle Creek’s Family Day, and the Schuylkill County Fair. Both are knowledgeable and friendly ambassadors for wildlife and are an enormous asset at these events. They help inform visitors to our table about wildlife rehabilitation and the animals that Red Creek cares for. Sandra also is trained to handle many of the birds of prey at programs, but of course her favorite it still Cookie.

If Sandra and Julius look a bit familiar to you, then you must have read Red Creek’s Children’s book, “Zoey Finds a Fawn.” Sandra and Julius were the models for Zoey’s wise grandparents in the story.

Red Creek isn’t the only animal organization that benefits from their generosity. Sandra and Julius also support the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida and One by One Cat Rescue in Berk’s County. They share their home with four adopted cats from One by One.

Sandra believes in helping animals in every way possible. “Much of animal’s suffering is caused by people, and it is our job to fix it if we can.” We think she has the right attitude and we hope that Sandra and Julius will remain a part of the Red Creek Family for many years to come.