Volunteer Spotlight – Davis Schauers

Dave is not your typical volunteer. Instead of working in animal care, Dave keeps us up and running with equipment and vehicles. A mechanic for over 20 years, Dave first learned about Red Creek when asked to work on one of our vehicles in 2007. He was intrigued  and began to visit regularly, offing his help with keeping our motors in top shape and finding us reliable equipment, like the golf cart to tend to the animals on the grounds.

Dave also helps with animal rescue when someone calls reporting an injured animal. As a kid, Dave wanted to be a pilot. He expresses that dream by flying drones, and it was this skill that caused us to call on him to rescue a snow goose last spring. The flightless bird eluded capture and was inside an electric fence that contained a bull. Our hope was to chase the bird into a netted area with his drone. Instead, Dave jumped the fence and encouraged the bird to our target area. The bull never appeared and we rescued the goose.

This has been an exciting year for him as he married the love of his life, Carrie. They share their home with three rescued cats, tinker bell (10), Lucky (4), and Jack who is 7.

Dave’s hobbies are playing disc golf and flying drones.

Dave is such a compassionate person and will help anyone who is in need. This fall, Dave’s responsibilities increased as he joined Red Creek’s board of directors as our newest member.
Dave is so excited to be an official member of the board and to continue to be part of the Red Creek family for many years to come.