Tami Opila

Tami has loved and worked with animals all of her life since working on a farm as a young child. She graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and spent time as a zookeeper for Elm Wood Park Zoo.

Today, Tami works with the Department of Environmental Protection where she is a Water Program Specialist. Although she enjoys her work with the DEP, she really missed working with animals and searched for somewhere she could make a difference helping animals. Tami began volunteering with Red Creek Wildlife Center in 2011, where she does everything from cleaning cages to answering phones. Her favorite activity here is creating enrichment for the animals, and her favorite species are bats.

Tami enjoys hiking and being outdoors, and has played on an Ice Hockey team for the past 31 years.
Tami and her husband have two cats, and this past December they welcomed a new addition to their family, their daughter Storm.

Tami is an amazing volunteer who always shares a smile. She will do any chore to help make a difference with the animals and enjoys interacting with people to rescue animals and bring them to Red Creek. Red Creek is fortunate to have her as part of our family.