Pennsylvania Raptor Identification

Have you ever wondered what that hawk was sitting in a tree? Or the one flying by? Have you wondered what that owl was hooting in the darkness? Would you like to know how to tell the difference between a juvenile bald eagle and a golden eagle?

This self-paced course has ten lesson sections that cover the identification of Pennsylvania Raptors in the field and in the hand. Quizzes throughout the course allow you to track your knowledge. Passing the final exam awards you with a beautiful, printable certificate worth twelve study hours.

All proceeds go directly to the rehabilitation of these majestic birds.

Enroll today for this self-paced certificate course on
the Birds of Prey of Pennsylvania.

  • Identification of the 22 species of raptors plus the two vultures that live in the Commonwealth.
  • How to Classify Raptors for easy identification
  • Owl hoots, screeches, and chatters
  • Photography tips
  • Fun Facts

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