Fawn Rescue – Assisting a Fawn in a Dangerous Location

Sometimes fawns will get themselves into a dangerous place, such as on a road or next to a busy roadway. These fawns can be moved away from the road.

Fawns old enough to run can be encouraged to run away from the road until they reach a safer area. Tiny fawns can be carried a hundred yards or so away from the roadway and encouraged to lie down and stay. Don’t worry about the mother finding it. When she returns, the fawn will respond to her call.

Be aware that approaching a fawn can be dangerous. A fawn could run out into the roadway and cause an accident. A larger fawn can kick and injure the person attempting to move it. There is also the danger of the mother doe attacking the person who approached the fawn. Moving a fawn should only be attempted when it can be done safely and by someone who understands the risks.