2024 Summer Internship Application – Level 2

Thank you for your interest in a LEVEL 2 summer internship with Red Creek Wildlife Center.

The level 2 applicant must have volunteered or interned with Red Creek within the past two years. If you have not, please apply for our level 1 internship.

Although our application requirements may seem strict, working with wildlife is both a great responsibility and a great privilege. Wildlife rehabilitation is strictly regulated by state and federal laws, and Red Creek Wildlife Center does not take that responsibility lightly.

Level 2 interns are expected to complete the full thirteen weeks consecutively.

Level 2 interns must commit to 30 to 40 hours per week. Evening shifts may occasionally extend to 11 pm depending on the number of babies in-house needing care. Interns must be prepared to stay until 11 pm.

Applications are open until March 24th, 2024

Enrollment is now closed for the summer of 2024