COVID-19 Information

During these stressful times, we want you to know that Red Creek remains open and ready to help with wildlife in need. In order to give the animals the very best of care, and to protect you, our staff, and the animals, we have updated our intake procedures.

Red Creek has an “after-hours” drop of shed in front of the clinic building that we are currently using full time. To maintain social distancing and to lessen human-to-human contact,  the clinic building is restricted to staff only at this time.

If you have an injured or baby wild animal in distress, please call the clinic to alert us about what time you will be arriving.

Please leave the animal in the drop=off shed in an escape-proof container. There is a heating pad on the table for very young animals. There are also blankets, towels, and containers if you need them.

Fill out a form about the animal on the table.

Donations are welcome if you are able.

We will retrieve the animal after you leave.