Adopt a Christmas Critter

Give the Gift of Life

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who ordered an “Adopt a Christmas Critter” package.

We will be sending these to arrive before Christmas.

Do you or someone you know love wildlife? Here’s an opportunity to give yourself, or someone you love, a special gift this Christmas that will impact the lives of the animals at Red Creek Wildlife Center.

How it works

Each adoption packet is $30.00

Order an “Adopt a Christmas Critter” packet before November 10th. The packet will be mailed to you or the person of your choice around December 10th.

Each package includes:

  • a Christmas Card announcing your gift
  • an 8X10 photograph of the animal
  • an adoption certificate
  • a biography of the animal
  • a fact sheet about that species
  • a sponsorship sticker
  • the satisfaction that you are making a difference in the lives of many wild animals

Barred Owl


Turkey vulture

Peregrine Falcon

Autumn and Winter
Screech Owls

Virginia Opossum

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