Liberty Talking

Here it is folks:

Anyone who has brought us an animal has met Liberty, our official greeter. He is a 7 year old European Startling that talks.

His repertoire? Hi I’m a Starling, No screamin’, Yes!, My name’s Liberty, I’m an invasive species, Welcome to Red Creek, Make a Donation. Feed me a Fly! And… He whistles the theme from the movie “Patton.”

I recently found photos of when Liberty first arrived at Red Creek. Liberty was suffering from malnutrition because the people who hand raised him did not understand the nutritional needs of passerines.

Although you cannot see it in these photos, Liberty’s both legs were broken and had to be splinted. You can see the feet are mangled though.

Liberty is a perfect example of why people need to contact a wildlife rehabilitator when they find baby animals. Although Starlings are not protected under law, they are living, feeling creatures and deserve more then someone experimenting with their lives. These animals often suffer and die a painful death due to improper nutrition.

Liberty is lucky. He arrived just in time to be saved. Although he can never be released and his diet must be monitored constantly because of organ damage from his poor start, Liberty does enjoy good health and lives a happy life. The video on the top of this page is Liberty today. You can see how healthy he is now.