Easter Bunny caught abandoning children on Eastern Morning.

Our security camera caught you, Easter Bunny, leaving the drop-off shed early this morning. Looks like you had a meltdown. Thanks for the eggs, but come back for your kids. They need you!

Holy Peter Rabbit!

We hope you enjoyed “Bunny Week”.

Happy Easter! and Happy April first!

End of Day Update (and confession):

Thank you for putting up with our yearly April Fool’s Prank. Because this day also fell on Easter, it made for an easy post.

Peggy had fun at night in between squirrel feedings creating this photo-shopped picture. We would NEVER put bunnies together like this for a photo-op. It’s actually a compilation of many different bunny pictures from last year. Even the eggs were painted into the picture.

Happy Easter. And April Fools.