Donate Toward the New Clinic Building

Want to invest in our new clinic building?

Donations by check make the biggest impact. There are no fees that take away from your generous gift.

Make Checks Payable to

“Red Creek Wildlife Center – Building Project”

Mail to:

“Red Creek Wildlife Center – Building Project”
300 Moon Hill Drive
Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972

Please include a note of how you would like your donation to be acknowledged on our website (in honor off, in memory off, etc).

For exceptional gifts,
please call Peggy at

Or donate through PayPal


The Reading and Northern Railroad
Therman & Bonnie Madeira
Susan Basehore
Kenneth Simon and Tina Saracino
Sandra & Julius Taglieri
Bradley and Shelly Nowotarski – Specialty Rigging Company
HSNI llc
Peggy Hentz
George Heisler
Keith & Rosemarie Ernst
Dr. Jennifer L Fry
Pam Keeler, Zero Gravity Designs, In honor of Molly Keeler
Rick and Joanne Purcell
Ferguson Packaging Machinery, Inc.
Pat Dengle
Ralph & Lynann James
Robert Adams
Bill Frantz
Malcolm A. Ogg Jr.
Karen Field
Darlene Henry
Margaret C Arbushites
Sarina and Scot Schaeffer
Denise & John Deppen
Jennifer Rummel
Michael & Kathleen Daminger
Carol Peters
Brian & Cindy Clauser, In honor of Grandchildren
Diane Snyder, in honor of all of the pets that gave me love thru my life!
Rick & Lynn Heist, in memory of loved ones
Art & Joan Hill, in memory of Rusty Fehr
Joan Hevel-Jiao
Mark and Magdalena Kimmel
Michelle & Don Fessler in honor of helping all of God’s awesome creatures
Mike Sausser, Harold D. Sausser Memorials
Michael Filanowski in memory of the Filanowski Pets
Nancy and Richard Johnson
Jill Reber, in honor of Harry Garland, Jr.
Thomas R. and Elaine Fisher
Dawn Felber
Todd + Sharon Lincold, in memory of Pineapple, Symra, and Ty
KYKOR Enterprises, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rye
Jane and Tom Ostroski
Dezi Fogarty, in memory of Nutmeg, Goldie, and Sweetie
Deanann Hinkin
Sally A. Lamm, in memory of Frank A. Reed
Jean Ludt, In honor of Randy, a sweet robin who is a fighter!!
Susan Schenck – In memory of Clark “Duke” Schenck
Bernadette Paul
Carla Ann Keller
Greg Kokolus
Dianne Cooper
Susan Eckert
Jason Deeter
Charles & Debra Thrush
Kyle Keller
Judi Seidel – In honor of all of God’s creatures
Brynn White – In meory of our special girl, Babby
Nancy Hemberger
Amanda Yeager
Donna & Nate DeLuca
Cynthia McElrea
Bruce Lutz – Quality Pavement LLC
Rachel Spitler / from one animal lover to another
Dennis & Betty Brown
In honor of the founder, by anonymous
Coates Family
Carol Sue Basehore
David McConnell
Joan Naples, In honor of the turtle from Dillsburg
Margaret Davis – In memory of Francis & Carolyn Brown
Tara Koppenberg
Audrey Novinger – In memory of Patricia Coleman Sellers
Cheryl Ford – In memory of my golden, Kipper
Jack Holcomb
Frances Merkel
Matt Wlasniewski
David and Debbie Seyfert
Art and Joanne McMorris
John Martyniuk
Francine Edwards – My thanks to Dawn Lyte for trusting me with the red-tailed hawk.
Allan & Eloise Laskowski – In honor of all the amazing animals in our lives
Rodney and Nancy DeLong – In honor of Peggy Hentz, for her dedication to Red Creek, and her love and caring for animals
Ethyl and Haddon Carryer – In honor of Hannah Greenberg
Bonnie and Fred Catman – In Honor of “Lady Bird Cardinal” who made a full recovery under your care. Thank You!
Kim Crosier
Rhonda Patterson
Irene Scanlan – In memory of my Punkie and my Oreo
Susan and Allen Schultz
Doris Gitman
Carol Unger
Jane and Paul Hague
Susan Henne – In memory of my Dad, David Henne
Karen and Joe Umler
Rebecca and Monty Fronk
Bonnie Habel – In honor of a friend
Darlene Laubenstine
Joanne and Paul Onuskanich
Kathy Zimmerman and Bill Parks
Larry Fenner
Kris Anthon
Randall Kline
Tammy Carroll – In memory of Onyx
Jane Barnette
Pamela Reisenweaver
Nan Perna
Joanne Keim
Kay & John Jones
Bernville Grange #1887
Joe & Kay Bachkai
Nancy Hemberger
Amanda Yeager
Donna & Nate DeLuca – For the wonderful gift you give us by saving all the wonderful animals.
Saturdays With Chickenduck
Ron and Peggy Speicher
Jim and Deb Doaty
Tim and Lori Muller – In honor of all those who make the lives of all animals better.
Jeffrey Mcfalls
Angela M Binner – In memory of Angelo Binner
Jan Passo
Lehigh Valley Audubon Society
Dennis and Barbara Dietrich
Lisa and Van William Knox
The Merck Foundation
Cushion Peak Rod and Gun Club
Joanne Yuengling
Friends from New Tripoli
Steve and Sue Fordyce
Linda Graham
Barbara Griffith
Stephen Seymore
St Alban’s Episcopal Church
Thomas and Kim Crosier
Tammy Carroll
Stuart and Cathy Odell
Albert Kurtz
Carol Raffa
Kathleen Lieber – To Red Creek’s keepers: We arrive hurt with broken bodies. Loving and caring hands and hearts repair us. Then we are able to return to our animal friends. Love from your patients.
Diane Drogalis – In memory and in honor of all the critters that have passed through the center.
Bill and Robin Grover
Justin Bukowski and Lori Peters
Like and Kim Shultz – In honor of all the volunteers at Red Creek
Alice and Carl Slisher
Evelyn Bertoni – In memory of Marcia
Local 1721 of Rosewood Rehabilitation + Nursing
Mr. Jan Fisher
Keith Heimer
Joan S. Campbell – In memory of Jan S. Cameron
Patty Wright – In Memory of Vivian, Mimi, and Brandy
Amy Garrety – In memory of Grandmother Margaret
Anita and Walter Bradley
Karen and Joe Ulmer
Lori Stiffler
Rick & Lynn Heist – In memory of Lori Specht
Sue Basehore – In Memory of Ivan, AJ, Marty, Razor, and Derby
Susan Henne – In loving memory of my dad, David Henne
Matt Wlasniewski – thank you for saving the “Rutter’s Eagle”
Kathleen Hamby – In memory of Edward Hamby
Pearl Kopunek – In honor of Katryna Stegmeier
Dietmar & Kathy Solbrig
Art & Becky Selby – In memory of Jordan, Mocha and her pups, Rocket, Grinch, and Peter. Love, Art and Becky
Margo Dufresne
Carla & Gary Keller
Sarina Schaeffer – In memory of Sammy
Harold D. Sausser Memorials
Richard Huggins
Karen Field
Theresa Kondertavage – In memory of Taffy
Rick & Joanne Purcell
Jim Foster and Tracey Ash
Michael Filanowski – In memory of the Filanowski Pets
Lynn Engle
Susan Miller
Fred and Norma Howard
Roger Huntzinger – In honor of Lovejoy the Cat
Leah Zerbe, Potter’s Parm
Marc & Annette Hess
Arlene Gail Geary – In memory of my golden, Jay, lost at 13 years last year. She was a gentle soul.
Stephen Kindig
Jessica Simkulet and Mark Leeson – In memory of Lenna P. Leeson
Jean Ludt – In honor of Randy, the very strong, sweet robin.
Kathy and Jeff Miller – In memory of Morrie
Diane Snyder – In memory of Coco, Kitty, and Buster, and in honor of Maxi and buddy to name a few!
Jordy, Terry, Pepper, and George Albert – In memory of Mary Alice, Bernie, Bluey, Poppy, and Pinky Albert.
Sue Basehore – Celebrating my friends; Chuck, Karen, and Helen.
Kathleen Warner – in memory of Kermit Warner, Jr.
Carol Unger – In honor of my daughters, Jennnifer and Kristine.
Joanne Keim
Paul and Helen Seiders
Donald and Michelle Foster
Donna and Vaughn Schwalm – In memory of Trooper, Lady, and Molly.
William and Sally Koons
Chuck Brumm – Donation from Wyatt
Glen and Janice YeagerRose Coates
Rod & Nancy DeLong – In honor of Peggy Hentz for her dedication to saving wildlife.
Rosemarie & Keith Ernst
Pamela J. Cala – In honor of Cody and Marvel
Pat & Jim Ladden, Hamburg, PA
Kathryn Longo
Michael and Kathleen Daminger
Ron Funk
Teagan Kiff
Louise Harrison – In memory of all our precious dogs and cats (our pets through the years)
Sally Lamm – In memory of Daniel C. Reed
Kathleen Spess – In memory of Gilligan
Art and Joanne McMorris
Chip and Lori Foster
Lalit Shastra
Audrey Novinger
Bonnie Habel – in honor of friends
Christina Smith
Pam Keeler – Zero Gravity Designs
Sharon and Todd Lincoln, Kykor Enterprises, LLC
Keystone State Fire Apparatus News
John and Debra Latsha – In honor of the wood turtle I brought to your center that you saved this past summer
Dr Amy Worrell VMD – Penn Haven Equine Veterinary Service
Karen Wilt – In memory of Antoinette Flynn
Joan Consul – The Doplin-Singer-Dannenburg Foundation, Inc.
Laureen Straw – In memory of Brock, Rumple, and Kitty Straw
Rita Klint
Chris Derer and Sharron Russell
Bonnie & Fed Catman – In honor of Lady Bird Cardinal, who made a full recovery at Red Creek. Thank you!
William Machose
Colleen Dugan Schearer – In honor of all those who help animals in need.
Dennis Wineholt
Hamburg Community SDA Church
Jason Wioskowski – In memory of Julie Morris, NYC SPCA
Richard Jackson Siding
Karen Hersh – In memory of William G. Hollinger
Jane Henning – Thank you RCWC for your hard work and dedication to saving the animals. Sincerely appreciated.
Walter and Margaret Crawley
Eleanor Henne – In memory of David L. Henne
Jacqui & Clyde Munroe
Brian & Cindy Clauser
Jeanne Zulick – In memory of Happy and Minnie
Judy Kiser – In honor of all creatures, great and small
Schuylkill County Conservancy
Kim and Donna Challenger – In memory of Captain, Tabatha, and Sabastian
Tom and Michelle Kidwell
Bonnie Strunk Brasted – In honor of squirrels
Deborah Hoy
Jim and Sharpie Laudeman – In loving memory of Shelby, Stretch, and Flo
Jim and Wendy Schutt
An Animal Lover – In honor of my sister, Liz, fighting heart failure
The Rustic Bunch
Bonnie Catman
Carol I. Leinbach
Linda L. Dieter – In memory of Austen and Rosemary Knowles
Elizabeth Kindig – In honor of Ebo
Donna DeLuca
The Faust Family
Christine Wasylyk – in honor of Doug & Donna Cummings
Craig and Karen Zerby
Michele Muller – In memory of our dear bird, Buddy Boy.
Rob and Susan Wanner – In loving memory of Sarah L. Flynn
Susan Wesley
Stephen and Julia Lis
Keith Heimer
Linda Bean
Rosemary Ross
David Hewes, Jr.