Bunny Blitz

Cottontail Rabbits are one of the most difficult wild animals to raise.
With 30 years experience behind us, Red Creek has a pretty good success rate.

The key to raising bunnies successfully is to get them in to a rehabilitator as early as possible.
They need the proper feeding intervals, heat and humidity.

Cottontails also need the proper milk composition.

There are numerous websites that say to feed kitten milk to bunnies. This is absolutely NOT correct. Cats are carnivores needing high protein and low fat. Their milk is designed for slower growth and muscle development. Bunnies are herbivores. The milk composition of a cottontail has lower protein and higher fat designed for rapid growth and weight gain.

Those who feed an improper diet may initially see the bunnies grow and develop. The bunnies may even survive to be released, however, the improper diet may cause organ damage that doesn’t show up until later.  Please do not rely on unofficial websites and amateur advice to help you raise a wild animal. The one who suffers is the animal itself.