Visitation Policy

Our intention is to keep wild animals “wild!”

The less people these animals see the better. Over-exposure to people can lessen a wild animal’s ultimate survival. For that reason, we never allow visitation of the rehab animals, even if it’s the animal you rescued.

We do, however, have a small outdoor education area (open May through November) where you can view a few of our permanent resident birds. If you are bringing in an animal that needs help, you are welcome to stretch your legs, take a short walk and visit our education area: Weather Permitting.


Red Creek currently has numerous baby raptors that are being fostered by our education/display birds. We have temporarily closed our walking trail and display area to visitors, so we can utilize those enclosures for these “families”. This gives us the needed space to rehab these birds properly and offers the baby raptors a private place to grow and learn to be wild birds. Thank you for understanding.