Wood Turtle Repair and Release

Thank you Kaley Egan for rescuing this turtle and for the followup post and pictures.

By Kaley Egan:
More than 13 months ago, I was driving home from a shift at work, and saw this little guy on the road, and I pulled over to help him get across. however, upon reaching him, I saw that he had been hit by a car, and was in bad shape. while I was on the road, one of my neighbors drove by and told me “I saw it get hit earlier, such a shame” and drove away.

Un-phased, I picked him up, wrapped him in the sweatshirt I was wearing, and drove him home. having interned at Red Creek Wildlife Center for the entire summer, I had seen turtles come in, and called up Kat Hummel to see if he was salvageable.

She said she’d do her best, and her and the rest of the staff certainly did. his shell was bound back together over the last year, and today I released him back into the woods, much further from the road. sad to see him go, but he’s happy and where he belongs!!

Moral of the story: don’t hit turtles. if you hit a turtle or see one hit, bring it to a rehab center. Red Creek works wonders. save all animals.