Windigo the Canadian Lynx – Page 2 – Breaking through the anger

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It has been over 2 years since we took Windigo into our care. Those two years have had many ups and downs, many worries and many triumphs. Her health failed us several times since her early recovery and her trust in us was so very fragile. Each crash was accompanied by an emergency veterinary visit resulting in x-rays and blood work. One vet has suggested euthanizing her, believing that the years of abuse and neglect has damaged her systems irreparably. Each scare was followed by improvement but was subject to her over-all attitude. It seemed her emotions were so very sensitive; her health followed her feelings about her life. If she felt poorly physically she became depressed and when she was depressed, her health suffered even more.

Morrie began working with her several times a day in an attempt to increase her trust and that trust has paid off. The past six months has seen a tremendous improvement for our feline girl. As her interaction with him improved, she began accepting more and more people. As her stress level decreased, her health improved and we prepared her for a tremendous change that we hoped would increase her quality of life.

Through the help of some wonderful friends of Red Creek, this past September we built a new enclosure for Windigo. Eight foot wide by twenty four foot long with a solid floor and three levels of shelving, the new enclosure gave her much more room to play and exercise. He location also changed as her new enclosure was built at the entrance to the property, right outside the door to our residence, where activity is highest.

The new enclosure was a feat to build, and expensive. With a two thousand dollar donation from a wonderful woman in the Allentown area, and the creative skill of two families who donated their time to build the structure, Windy’s new pen became a reality.

Windigo’s first reaction was that of a typical cat. She didn’t understand “bigger” she only recognized “different” and she was quite angry at the change. The first night in her new pen found her sulking in the corner. Morrie was fraught with concern and finally grabbed a pillow and blanket and bedded down on one of the Astroturf shelves. She sat with her back to him the entire night.

By the third day Windy has begun exploring and playing more and seemed interested in the level of activity around her. Her interest improved and so did her demeanor. Her activity and appetite quickly followed, and for the first time since her arrival here at Red Creek I honestly believe she is happy and healthy.

That fact hit home recently when I caller her veterinarian for a “well-cat” check-up. This will be her first veterinary appointment meant where there are no issues and no emergencies. We are excited that her health has improved to the point where we can now consider the possibility of spaying and general maintenance.

Windigo’s condition has improved so much that she even helped heal another who needed her. Read that wonderful story here: Windigo’s Healing Helps Heal Another