Spring Releases Part 1

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I love spring-time. It’s that wonderful time of the year when we
release many of the animals that came to us during the winter. Also
many animals that had arrived the previous late summer through fall
have a much better chance venturing out into the wild in milder
weather of spring than facing their first challenges of survival in
winter. These winter over at Red Creek waiting for "their
time," that time in their lives when they can be what they were
born to be — wild and free.

The beautiful weather of the past week allowed for some awesome
releases of animals that became part of our winter routine of care.
They will be fondly remembered and missed, but this moment for them
is the goal for us — to give them a second chance.

First were 2 male Blue Jays. One was raised late last summer at Red
Creek and the second came during the fall with a broken wing. They
were housed together throughout the winter, and wonderful opportunity
for both birds. The younger helped the adult to remain calm in a
foreign situation as he learned proper Jay etiquette from the older
bird. We released them together here at Red Creek. Both remained for
the next few days then parted and left.


Sometimes they just don’t want to go…….

Sometimes they just don’t want to go (2)…….

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