Skunk caught in fence rescue

An interesting last night rescue.
An adult female skunk had wedged herself in the bars of a wrought
iron fence in Frackville and the police called Red Creek for
assistance. She had pulled herself through to her hips and got stuck.
Her struggling caused legs and abdomen to swell, making it impossible
to slide her out. The dig marks in the ground testified to her
struggles but she still had a lot of fight left in her to give her
rescuers a hard time.

Morrie and Peggy worked over an
hour to free the 6 pound girl but after many bites to Morries gloves
and several sprays to Peggy, she was free. She is quite bruised and shaken.

She spent the night in our
facility’s incubator to prevent shock. Although our center’s
new air freshener is now “ode to skunk,” she is quite
active and hungry this morning. She will be moved to an outdoor
caging area today and held for observation for a week or so.

Then it’s a wilderness release
where hopefully she won’t find any more fences.