Bald Eagle Recovering from Wing Fracture

Red Creek has two eagles we are rehabilitating: a juvenile and an adult male. Both arrived around the same time this spring. The juvenile was found down, alone and starving. There was no indication of why its parents weren’t with it. The adult male bald eagle had a broken wing after being hit by a car. It was surgically repaired.

When they both had recovered enough to be placed outdoors, we were a bit nervous introducing the two birds to the new flight cage build for such large birds. Never having experience two eagles rehabbing together, we feared that they would fight. Luckily, the opposite happened: the adult eagle adopted the baby and began protecting and teaching it.

The baby is now fully recovered and flying strong. The adult began flying about two weeks ago. First flights were labored but it’s been practicing. It now easily flies across the enclosure and is reaching the top perch. We hope to release them both together in the next week or two.