Spring Releases Part 2

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Next on our list of "ready to go" critters was a mink. This little guy came to us through the Animal Rescue League in Berks County. Someone had dropped him off there and had left no history so we don't know his story. He appeared to have been hit by a vehicle, suffered a concussion, several scrapes and cuts and was extremely hypoglycemic. He recovered slowly and gained weight throughout the winter. He grew rapidly while dining on trout (from S&A Trout Pond) and mice, part his natural foods in the wild.

For his release (and the next few group of animals we will be presenting, we looked to Jude Gaydos, a wonderfully talented dentist in Schuylkill Haven. Besides his skills at repairing the enamal, he is also an advid outdoorsman who recently acquired many ares of rustic land near Hawk Mountain. He helped us find release spots for the mink as well as prepared sites for a few other species.

We were a bit nervous about releasing the mink, for although he had come to us as an alder juvenile and was never handled more than was urgently necessary in the beginning of his treatment, this mink had become quite accustomed to the daily routine of care and never showed agression to us. I feared he would follow us away fromt he release site or wouldn't leave at all. That fear was immediately abandoned the moment he left the carrier, as you will see.


His release location (and meet Morrie and Jude)

The release

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