Local Foundation Supply Lead Testing for Eagles

Red Creek wishes to thank the Susan Giblin Foundation, the Schuylkill Area Community Foundation, and the Pennsylvania Wildlife Federation for enabling Red Creek Wildlife Center to purchase up-to-date lead testing kits and supplies.

The increase in the Bald Eagle population has brought to light an environmental issue in our local wildlife: lead poisoning.

Each year, wildlife rehabilitators across the state receive numerous bald eagles, and other raptors and water birds suffering from lead poisoning. Prompt treatment increases the chances of recovery and survival. Having the ability to test birds at the wildlife rehabilitation center immediately on admission speeds up that treatment. The results are available within minutes, instead of the days it takes if the blood samples are sent to an outside lab.

But it is costly. Lead testing analyzer costs $2,000.00 and the reagents needed for each test run several hundred dollars for 25 tests. These reagents expire after one year and need to be replaced. Once a birds is diagnosed with lead poisoning, the medication needed cost over $400.00 per bird. As you can see, rehabilitating eagles, raptors and water birds with lead poising is extremely expensive.

Thanks to three generous groups, Red Creek received the funding to update its analyzer, purchase reagents, and medication. Five eagles tested positive for lead poising just this year, so that funding was sorely needed.




The Susan Giblin Foundation donated $1,500.00, and the Schuylkill Area Community Foundation $500.00 toward the purchase of the Magellen Diagnostics LeadCare II Diagnostic Machine.

Pennsylvania Wildlife Federation donated $500.00 to purchase of the reagent testing kits.