Because Everything Deserves a Second Chance

We believe your charitable investment should be life changing for both animals and people.

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Protecting Our Families and Community Since 1991

It’s obvious that wildlife rehabilitation helps animals, but did you know it protects people as well?

By providing a safe and humane service that helps a wild animal foundling in need, a family’s exposure to that animal is greatly reduced.

Through our services, our loved ones, especially our children and pets are protected from dangerous, possibly FATAL INJURY, DISEASE AND PARASITES.

Red Creek Wildlife Center relies solely on YOUR generous contributions to meet the ever growing need for our services.

Our Mission, Our Philosophy

To offer a second chance to distressed Pennsylvania wildlife through rescue and rehabilitation, public education and by providing training for wildlife rehabilitators.

We believe that every life, no matter how small or common, is precious and deserves a chance at life.

Taking in one to two thousand wild animals annually, from the tiniest hummingbird, to the largest eagle, from chipmunks to deer, Red Creek has been giving wildlife a second chance for over 20 years.

We believe that education is an important part of saving our wildlife, the environment and the planet for future generations.

Each year, tens of thousands of students enjoy a positive wildlife experience through Red Creek’s LIVE RAPTOR programs and assemblies.

We believe wildlife rehabilitation is a valuable service that should be available to everyone.

Red Creek is helping others become wildlife rehabilitators through classes, seminars and online training, expanding this serve to new areas in Pennsylvania and nationally.

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